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Metro Detroit's Marquee Letter Rental Co.




  • Our marquees are hand-crafted by a native Detroit craftsman & made of wood wrapped in metal, not foam.

  • Our letters & numbers are modern and curvy for an up-to-date statement.

  • We are innovative - other companies have a fraction of the symbols we offer!




3 Foot Letters: A - Z                 


4 Foot Numbers: 0 - 9 for any age or milestone

Symbols: Heart, &, Toasting Champagne Glasses, Crown, Baby Rattle, Wedding Ring 

18 Inch Words: MRS, MR, &, THE, *SWEET (*in cursive font with remote controlled LED light strip instead of bulbs; perfect for SWEET 16)

                                           *Don't see what you want, ask about custom symbols.

ADD ONs (see PROM pic above)

  • Red carpet (great for Proms, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding Receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs) 

  • Gold posts with joining red velvet ropes (you choose 5-15 feet on each side of the red carpet based on your space.

how it works.

how it works.

So Lit Detroit's marquee letters & symbols are the perfect addition to any party or event.


They make perfect backdrops for Insta-worthy pictures at birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, marriage proposals, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, grad open houses & so much more! 

Upgrading your next event is simple. Don't worry, we help every step of the way:

1. Decide on your own - or with our help - what you want to say with our letters &              symbols (see Gallery for ideas).

2. Reserve your date & discuss setup details with our specialist.

3. We setup the marquee show stopper at your event & pick up after.


book us.

book us.

    How'd you find out about us?

    Thanks for submitting!


    We work hard to make you happy, so we love when you return to book us for new events!

    To say thank you, after you book an event in a package below & pay in full, we're offering $50 off future related bookings! 


    MARRY ME Package

    Book your Marriage Proposal, then get $50 off up to 4 of the following ($200 savings):

                   Engagement Party

                     Bridal Shower

                   Bachelorette Party

                   Bachelor Party

                   Rehearsal Dinner

                   Wedding Reception

    *You can start with the event you choose. No worries if you have already proposed! Discount applies to any combination of events.

    OH BABY Package

    Book your Gender Reveal Party, then get $50 off your

    Baby Shower

    PROM 2024 Package

    Book your Prom Send Off, then get $50 off your Open House and/or Graduation Party.

    *Ask about red carpet (10-30ft) & gold posts with red velvet ropes (5-15ft) add ons.



    1. What’s included in my rental order?

    Your rental includes use of marquee lights for up to 8 hours. We deliver, setup & breakdown our lights within the agreed  upon contracted schedule. We provide the extension cords, tape to tape down extensions & a rack for two level displays (if ordered).

    2. When is my deposit & final payment due?

    Specific pricing is discussed at the time of inquiry based on your individual needs/requests. We book up fast, so we require a deposit of 50% of your total in order to reserve your date & time for setup & pickup. The remaining 50% is due 14 days before your event. All of this information will be included in your invoice. Please note, deposits are non-refundable.

    3. Can I move/change my marquee light setup?

    The marquee light set up CANNOT be moved or rearranged after the So Lit team has set up for customer safety & to prevent damage to our marquee lights. All setups require an onsite approval by an event contact person so we know you are satisfied with the arrangement prior to us leaving. If you can't be there early, we can send pictures for approval.

    4. Do you offer a customer pickup option?

    No. Our marquee lights are custom & are heavy. That could potentially be a safety hazard when lifting, transporting & setting them up. Leave it to us!

    5. Can the lights be used outdoors?

    Yes, with the exception of high wind, rain, or snow.  All situations will be reviewed for approval. We require the customer to have a backup indoor area if the original outdoor area is not approved or if weather does not permit. If you do not have access to power outdoors, our letters and symbols may still be used unlit (this is only recommended for daytime events) or we can  provide a generator to light them up with no outdoor power source needed.

    6. What if I need to reschedule or the weather is non-permitting?

    We do require customers to have a backup indoor area. If paid in full & needing to reschedule, we offer a complimentary reschedule within 90 days. Refunds will not be issued for any weather related issues (wind, snow, rain) if there is no indoor backup venue on contract. Please note, all deposits are non-refundable. 

    7. Do the marquee lights require a special type of outlet/voltage?

    No, the marquee lights require access to a standard 3 prong outlet. We are not responsible for insufficient, damaged, or broken power sources from your venue, home, or building.

    8. How far do you travel?

    We provide lights to metro-Detroit & its surrounding areas. We’re more than happy to discuss your needs & confirm our availability. 

    9. What are the dimensions of the lights?

    Our letters are 3 ft tall, 6 inches deep & range from 1-2.5 ft wide. Our symbols vary in height & width but we can discuss the details at the time of your inquiry. Our mini words: MRS & THE are 18 in tall; SWEET is written in cursive with letters ranging from approximately 8-20 inches tall. Our numbers (0-9) are 4 ft tall, 6 inches deep & range from 1-2.5 ft wide.

    10. What kind of bulbs do you use?

    We use warm white shatterproof LED bulbs. They are never hot to the touch, are energy efficient & will brighten up any event!

    Colored bulbs are available for an additional charge of $30 for the first 5 letters/symbols plus an additional $5 per letter over the first 5 letters ordered. Please inquire about availability of colored bulbs with our specialist at the time of your order since our colored bulbs are limited.

    11. Can I buy the marquee lights?

    No, our lights are only available for rent at this time.  

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